Representation of me

I belong to a small alternative healing community. The owner posted a "getting to know you" thread. She posted 15-18 unique photos and asked "Which of the photos posted shows you to yourself and why."

This is what I picked and why:

He is in the process of transformation. He is in a dark, dirty room but he is barefoot which tells me he is comfortable here. He is looking out the window to bright new possibilities waiting for him and finally has taken that first step to go beyond the familiar and find what his heart is really desiring. He is wearing a cross necklace, showing he has ties to Christianity but he is progressing beyond that into life full of freedom (like the butterfly) and light energy! I would love to look out that window and see where he (I) is headed... I suspect it is beautiful!

**This photo, "Butterfly Effect" by Owel, can be found here.**