Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lots of green ideas

Going green. I have heard a lot about this lately. I feel it is very important to take care of our Earth that we all live on! We try to do our part. (Ok except for the whole disposable diaper thing- I don't handle poop well!) It is fun to see what other people do. I recently ran across a forum post full of great ideas, I run across things on blogs, on random sites, around the town I live in, etc. Check out this list and see if anything speaks to you~

Sites with more info:
The Story of Stuff is a very interesting site about our consumption of... stuff
The daily green
Green mom finds
Yahoo- green

Things you can do:
*recycle anything possible
*reusable cloth bags for carrying groceries
*purchase in bulk to cut down on extra packageing
*purchase items from recycled materials
*carpool, combine trips, or use public transportation to minimize fuel consumption
*energy efficient light bulbs
*programmable thermostat for heating and cooling (low in winter, high in summer)
*home organic gardening
*be a localvore
*purchase organic produce, dairy, meat
*purchase Fair Trade coffee, cocoa, fruit, handicrafts, sugar, cotton, tea, etc
*compost food scraps, yard waste, etc
*collect rainwater to water plants and garden
*home canning/freezing/dehydrating your own produce
*while cooking, make double and freeze for another meal saving energy and time
*use homemade lunches on-the-go/school/work in washable containers
*breastfeeding and homemade babyfood
*cloth diapers
*dispose of pet waste in an eco-friendly way
*natural/biodegradable cleaners- baking soda, vinegar
*make or purchase natural soaps, beauty products, personal care items, candles, etc
*washable cloth for cleaning, dusting, napkins, wipes, etc
*conserve water while brushing teeth
*conserve water with low flow shower heads, toilets and clothes washers
*hang clothes to dry
*use Smart Power strips or unplug unused appliances
*use renewable power- solar, wind
*online banking, paperless, and auto-pay for bills etc as possible
*cancel magazine and newspaper subscriptions and read online or share with neighbors and borrow from library
*Sign the petition for the "Do Not Mail" registry to decrease junk mail
*Donate unwanted/unused items to thrift stores
*Purchase from thrift stores
*Support foundations, artists, musicians, etc that are green focused

Personal care products to consider:
Burt's Bees
Kiss My Face
The Body Shop
Tom's of Maine
Paul Mitchell

Household product companies to consider:
Seventh Generation
Clorox Green Works Cleaners
Simple Green
Baking Soda


Anonymous said...

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Cari said...

You green bean you! lol. That's cool. I love green stuff, and I'm trying to get Adam to consider solar when we do our add on :D Some of the ideas will be a little hard to implement, but some on there are easy fixes!