The power of thought and action

I found this while I was surfing around MySpace and thought it was quite interesting. Something to keep in mind as we go through out days. The power of the mind!

"As I have mentioned so many times before your words, thoughts, emotions have such an impact in your life which is why you must be conscious of what you are saying, thinking and feeling. Your emotions have a strong vibratory effect in life. If you are a singer or actor you must always find a balance. Have you ever heard of any artist or actor that is living out in their personal lives what they sing about or a role from their films? Well I have, some examples are Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Christian Bale, Will Smith, Heather O'Rourke, Heath Ledger, Kane West, Steve Irwin, Gloria Trevi, Amy Poehler, Jennifer Lopez.

Let me explain, Tupac and Biggie sang about violence and they both died violently. Christian Bale was in trouble with the authorities in his film and then it happened in his personal life. Heather O'Rourke acted in films about being taken to the other side, she passed away at a very tender age. Heath Ledger played a very dark role in his last film, he ended in a very dark place at the end of his life. Steve Irwin according to his wife in an interview with Larry King would state after every new experience in the wild something to the fact of "I can die and go to heaven I have experienced it all now". Steven Irwin died doing what he loved best, exploring the wild. Gloria Trevi had a popular Cd called "What am I doing here" with a hit single called Dr. Psiquiatra. Years later she mirrored some of what she sang in this particular album in her life. Will Smith and Kane West sing songs about money, fame and success, they have attained it. Amy Poeler played a woman who pretended to be pregnant and then was surprised to become pregnant in the film "Baby Mama". By the time the film was released Amy was pregnant (last spring) and recently gave birth to a baby boy. Jennifer Lopez played a role of a singer and shortly after the film "Selena" she crossed over from actress to singer. And the example goes on and on.

It is amazing how our surroundings have an impact in our lives as well.

This past summer I visited a friend one afternoon. We were chatting and she mentioned how she has been alone without a partner for many years and could not understand why. As I looked up at all the beautiful frames and figurines in her living room I noticed they were all of women by themselves. There was not one picture of a couple or of a man. I suggested to her that she needed to have a balance in her home and more pics and figurines of men and couples together. She was shocked because she never noticed that or realized how there would be a connection between what she was going through and her d├ęcor. Once she made some minor changes in her home she told me that a couple of men flirted with her which is something that she had never experienced in her life.

You must always have a balance because if you do not it will have an impact in your life. There are certain life events you must go through and there are others that you can create for yourself. Whether you realize it or not everyday you are creating an experience in your life so try to make it a good and harmonious one.

Remember to Reset your Mindset and Believe!" -http://www.myspace.com/claritybringsserenity