Reiki and my girlies.

It is so fun to me to see the effects of Reiki! I need to incorporate it more into my daily life because I truly think it has the potential to wonderful things! My scattered mind just doesn't always remember to do it.

The other day, Sunshine came running down the hallway right before bed time and accidentally plowed into Clover, knocking her flat on the floor. Clover was very upset about being plowed down and seemed to have some whiplash. Her neck was hurting and she was crying. By this time, my sensitive Sunshine was distraught over having hurt her little sis. I did a little massage on Clover's neck and decided to try some Reiki too. As soon as I started it, she stopped and looked at me with a slightly surprised look, got very still and just relaxed. After a short while I stopped. She looked happy and said it felt better.

So I tried to get them into bed but Sunshine was still upset for hurting her sister even tho it all was fine. So I cuddled up with her. She seemed to be inconsolable. So I tried Reiki on her too. To my amazement, she settled right down. After a little while she did start crying again so I repeated it but after the second time she felt much better and went to sleep. Her compassion for others is such a beautiful thing!

Sunshine and Clover have seen me doing Reiki on J. Now if I am rubbing his back, they will come put their hands on him and say "I'm healing daddy's back!" What little sweeties!