Green.... breakfast shakes!

I have been wanting to get more fresh, nutritious goods into my girls. I do think we eat pretty healthy but we lack a bit in the fresh fruit/veggie area at times. I can only stuff in so many baby carrots and cutie oranges before I get resistance. hehe So I've been looking for ideas.

A family member has been juicing a lot which I'm sure is good but tossing all the pulp and "leftovers" of the juicing process just seems... like a waste to me. A few weeks ago the alternative health forum I visit started to have a weekly fasting day. One of them mentioned blending up fresh fruit to have on that day.

A little light bulb shown brightly... this would be a great way to incorporate more fresh stuff in our diet! I set out to find great recipes but didn't find much. I did come across this little book you can buy in download format called Superfood Smoothies. It wasn't exactly what I was looking for but it did point me in the right direction and give me some good ideas. I also remembered a blog post from one of my favorite musicians, Jason Mraz, which gave me some ideas too. (Caution~ half naked man with a big knife in that blog post! lol)

With a few ideas in mind I headed to the store to browse the produce section with a new mission. We tried some out and the girls LOVE it! Breakfast shakes are what they ask for if breakfast is even mentioned. They do look a bit.. interesting.. but they really are good! Here is a list of the things I have added at one time or another:
bananas (this one is essential)
spinach (this has been in all of them)
carrots (this has also been in all of them)
cutie oranges
walnuts or any nuts (gives a yummy hearty texture)
agave nectar (for a touch of sweetness if using tart ingredients)

I got a cucumber to add but chickened out and didn't try it. I plan on trying some other greens and powdered "super greens" sometime. It's fun to experiment and see what different things will taste like. If it doesn't have banana, it does taste a little off. Too much cranberry makes it too tart. Somewhere I saw to add a pinch of salt if it tastes flat... do not add too much or it will be nasty! I have also been adding some Grapefruit Seed Extract to boost immune system. Here is a pic of one which is my favorite (includes carrots, spinach, banana, cutie oranges, cranberries, walnuts)

Seriously, it tastes good! And its good for you! Try it! :)