Religion and titles

Soon after I left what was familiar and started to wander my own path, I felt bare without a title. Christian. Buddhist. Muslim. Pagan. Republican. Democrat. Mother. Teacher. Politician. Farmer. Titles provide a shared focus.. a group of similar thinkers.. a place of belonging. I was frantically searching for a new religious title. I found it was a bit hard to find a title when you really haven't refined your focus or believe. So I calmed myself a bit and decided I didn't need a title. I described my beliefs as "my own form of nonreligious ever evolving spirituality." That's been over a year ago now. There's been a lot of reading.. a lot of keeping what resonated with me and tossing what didn't.

There is a silly little religion quiz called the Belief-O-Matic quiz that I had taken a few times before I started on my own path. It takes your answers and gives you a list of what religions are compatible with your beliefs along with a percentage of how close your beliefs are to the religion. Each time I took it the percentages were usually no higher than around 93-95% match to the top religions listed. Well I took the quiz again recently. My top match was New Age at 100% with a close second of Neo-Pagan at 98%. So I guess I could claim those titles now. Though, I think I'll just stick to "my own form of nonreligous ever evolving spirituality." Leaves it open that way.