Scribbled Inspiration

There's this little thing I do some mornings. I get out a sketchbook and either some watercolor crayons or oil pastels, I open myself to magic, take the first color that calls to me, and I scribble. 

Let go of the cares that hold you back, let go of the limits, and be free.

I usually start with some kind of flowing lines or circles, keeping them very loose and intuitive. Sometimes it turns into some kind of object or picture.

And sometimes it ends up being more organic, a delightful scribble of color or a page of flowing shapes.

There's more than one way to view things. View your world through eyes of beauty.

I really don't care what I end up with. To me this is all about letting what's inside come out onto the paper. Its about listening to that inner voice, tapping into that deep well of wisdom we all have. It's also about expressing emotion.

Go outside- to the places that nourish your soul. Find peace in the vibrant colors of nature.

Then, when I'm done with my scribbles, I turn over the paper, take out a pen, open myself further, and listen again. There are words of wisdom that come with the art. It's not just words from my mind but words from that deep well of inner wisdom. I scribble them down and smile, because it's usually exactly what I need to hear that day.

I completely adore this process. It fills me with peace and centers me for the rest of the day. I want to make it a more regular part of my life so I plan to make it a regular part of my blog each week. So be on the look out for weekly Scribbled Inspiration!