You already have everything you need!

 I'm all packed for an adventure my girls and I are taking, a week in Hawaii for my sister's wedding.

We are headed the four hours to the airport and waves of panic and anxiety keep washing over me:
"Oh no, did I pack the flower girl dresses?" 
"Eek, did I pack all the correct cords we need for the electronics??" 
"I think I forgot the __(insert all manner of items)__!"

Finally I realize that I just need to trust that I packed sufficiently, and trust that I have what I need. Relief flooded over me.

Wow! Trust that I have what I need. It really hit me and made me smile. If I applied this to other areas of my life, things would go so much smoother.

I DO have what I need. I have a connection to my inner wisdom, my inner voice that has never lead me astray. Energetically I have a connection to all that is and can access that at any time.

I just need to trust that connection, listen to it, and I will have all I ever need: words, information, plans of action.


YOU already have what you need.

We just have to remember.