A Virtual Blog Tour: A peek behind the scenes

I'm honored to have been invited by the magical Cynthia of Spirit Uncaged to participate in a virtual blog tour. I'll share a peek behind the scenes, here at Life Connection Studio, at the whats, hows, and whys of my creative process.

I met and got to know Cynthia as we and a few other amazing women dove into our inner worlds to shine light on our unique personal messages during an intuitive painting teacher training. I feel a kinship with Cynthia as we both come from a place of expected conformity yet left that behind to journey our own true paths. I admire her courage to listen to the draw of her spirit and truly live uncaged!

What am I working on? 
Since embracing self acceptance, I feel that I have been lit on fire and am creating like crazy! I'm working on all kinds of things.
My main focus has been on building a body of artwork to display/sell here in my home town. I am completely adoring this process and will talk more about that below!

 I'm also continuing my Soul Art Certification and have begun a piece to explore my relationship with money. I'm not far yet but I'm already feeling small shifts in that area in my life.

My art journals have received more attention than they ever have. I feel like this is a special place to let it all out, explore my inner self, and be messy without being concerned about pleasing others. I have two art journals, one that is mostly pen and watercolor and the other is messy, grungy acrylic painty goodness!

How does my work differ from others of its genre? 
My work is different from others because I pour myself into my art and stay very intuitive and connected to my inner voice during creation. I dare to create things differently if I feel called to. Listening to that voice is so important to me. I'll paint a peacock in reds and pinks if I feel pulled in that direction, even when everyone else in the room is painting with blues and greens.

Why do I write/create what I do? 
I create what I do to express my individuality and to honor my inner voice, my intuition. I have to create. It feeds me in a way nothing else can. 

 How does your writing/creating process work?
As I've talked about above, my process is completely intuitive. Most often my art is all about the process rather than the end product. It's about staying open and connected to my inner voice. Even when it says to paint a boat in the middle of a girlie, spiraly painting. Even when I have tears streaming down my face because I know what my art is saying to me and it's painful. Creating intuitively is cleansing and it's empowering. 

Sometimes I feel lead to incorporate other things in my art process, like dance, hiking, or journaling. Hiking has been an important part of the body of art work I am creating right now.

My process goes like this: I take a moment to connect inward and let my intuition know I'm listening. Then I look through my collection of different sizes of blank canvas and pull out the one or ones I feel are calling to me. Texture is created with gesso and stencils in the places I feel a pull toward. After that dries, I listen again and pull the paint colors that I feel would light me up in that moment. I use my fingers to spread and blend colors on the canvas. Then I spend some time just looking at the piece, rotating it, and listening again. I listen for what is to come next, either more paint or I'll see objects or doodles in certain places on the canvas.  I've been inspired lately by the amazing landscape surrounding me and that is what I've been pouring into this collection of work. Once a place on the canvas calls for landscape, I take it out hiking with me to find the best red rocks to sketch with black and white pens, still staying very intuitive. I don't stress about making it completely true to life, that would kill the creativity for me. Sometimes I add in rocks or leave some out. I bring it back home to do some shading with watercolor crayons or more pen doodles. Finally, I sit back, smile at it, document it, and share it here on the blog, Facebook, or on Instagram.

Thank you so much for taking part in my little piece of the tour! If you would like to stay in touch, please like my Facebook page, add my blog to your list, or subscribe to my newsletter.

To continue the tour, check out Shawna's post next Monday, May 12!

Shawna Clingerman is a full time stay at home mom to four boys, although she tends to spend very little time actually staying at home. She has been crafting as long as she can remember and took the leap into paper scrapbooking and then digi scrapping. Not long afterward, she decided to make her art into her own little career and now creates digital scrapbook supplies that others can use to create their own beauty and sanity in this crazy world. Shawna says, "I am really proud to be selling at Sweet Shoppe Designs, the best place ever to be, and it is such an honor to me to play a part in preserving the precious memories of digiscrappers everywhere." 

I met Shawna years ago (in another creative lifetime, lol) when we were digital scrapbook supply designers together at Sweet Shoppe Designs. Her creativity truly shines through her designs and she is just the sweetest! We reconnected a bit last year when we were buying and moving into new homes about the same time. Be sure to visit Shawna's blog!