Flying into radiant living.

My guiding word for 2014 was BIRD:

To take action, to take flight, to soar. To connect in such perfect ways as birds connect with each other during flight. To express my self freely as birds sing their song. To be in tune with nature. To create what is needed (business, etc) to sustain my dreams as birds create their nests. To be playful and free.

I embodied BIRD by:

*Integrating the spiritual and physical sides of myself causing an explosion in my creativity leading to many paintings completed. *Conducting many one on one and group Soul Art journeys and receiving my certification. *Making 2 solo trips to connect with friends, to Arizona and Wyoming giving me a sense of self reliance and freedom.  *Learning how to cooperate with fear and anxiety and use its energy to propel me forward. *Stepping out of my comfort zone to inquire about local studio space and other business stuffs. *Connecting with amazing ladies in a women's business networking group. *Getting comfortable with being seen both online and locally.

There are ways I have not embodied bird. I plan to remedy that in 2015!

I will fully align with my inner self, my deep worth and value, my passions, my desires, and my purpose. I will trust, love and honor myself so I can let my true self shine. I will be open and connect with others that truly nourish me and my dreams. I will attract abundance with ease. I will feel lit up, creative, playful, vibrant, joyful.

This alignment and connection will make me radiant.

In 2015:


Honor the calling of your heart!

I desired a more fulfilling life. I was tired of feeling like I was just going through the motions of life, foggy and stuck. I wanted to feel lit up, creative, and vibrant. Maybe you desire that too? You feel the urgings of your heart, calling you toward fulfillment.

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This program is one on one, just you and me. It includes a private online classroom with step by step lessons, a place to ask questions and post your progress. My favorite part is the personal coaching calls each and every week where I guide you deeper, listen to you, help you burst through limits, celebrate your progress, and give you my full support for your journey. This is a true investment in YOU!

If your heart is calling you to this program, honor that. Start the process of honoring yourself now. Don't let fear stand in the way. Click here for more info and to sign up! Much love!


My Essence

I took a leap. 

I was scared and unsure how it could even work. Yet I felt this deep call to move forward. Many little messages from the universe pointed me in the direction. 

My heart kept telling me a strong YES. Only the financial fear was blocking the way. I heard it, "Leap and it will be provided." I swam in that place where fear and possibility dance. 

I opened my self to trust and leapt. I have since received affirming messages! So now I trust, let go of the tightness, and relax into the care of the universe.

What did I leap into? A beautiful amazing year long business class called the Nu Icon Program taught by Laura Hollick. I am so excited to receive her guidance on creating a business and business structures based completely on me and what will completely nourish me! 

There's a contest to win a full scholarship. The entry is to express your inner essence. Here is my entry:

I am a dreamer.
I am lit up by going deep,
by shining a light on the gems that have yet to be discovered,
by creating a safe space for others to do the same.
I am excited by messages found in that deeper place of wisdom
from spirit animals, other realms, the Universe.
I am creative, bringing those gems and messages into my art.
I am bringing dreams to life.

I had so much fun dreaming up the concept, doing the photo shoot, and bringing it to life. Here are a couple other photos from the shoot:

Here are a couple silly ones: