Invoking my desire for 2015

 I've been thoroughly enjoying this first month of the Nü Icon Program, and am delighted to be guided by Laura Hollick for this whole year! We've been clearing, letting go, making space for, and dreaming about the amazing things we want to attract this year.

I was inspired to unpack 2 boxes in my studio that have been sitting since we moved 1.5 years ago. Well that turned into a complete overhaul of the whole space. I got rid of things I never use, discovered fun supplies I forgot I had and organized so that everything is now accessible. This re-sparked my love of mixed media!

Lots of time was spent journaling about what I really want. This is my desire and intention for this year:

I am radiant and at ease in the complete authentic expression of my essence. 
I have a luxuriant, fulfilling connection with my community and purpose.

To invoke this energy and start bringing it to life, I felt inspired to do a mixed media art piece. I started with a ritual to anchor myself in the feeling of my intention by burning sage, doing some intuitive movement, inviting in the Universe and Guides, connecting with my Essence, and opening myself to receive.

I had no preconceived idea of how the art would turn out. I simply listened and followed. Moving around my studio, I chose supplies that called to me, old maps, music score, gem stone beads, paint, small round mirror pieces, rock heart, wooden circles, buttons, wool roving, charms, heart doilies, washi tape, rubber stamps, etc.

 A board with a white finish became my foundation. I wrote my intention in big bold letters, feeling each word.

Then I began layering my treasures, staying in the moment and listening. More words, more layers, paint. Not knowing where I would end up, but being open to the flow of creativity and my intention. 

Then came the color, bold and lively. I spread the paint with my fingers as I love feeling that close connection with the paint and art. The other layers peeking through the paint makes me smile.

At this point, I disconnected a little and a bit of fear arose, "Now what do I do??" As if the quiet direction I enjoyed thus far would suddenly leave me. I took a breath, reconnected, and heard, "More color." So I went for it, scraping and swiping more color.

A sunshine and flowers were asking to be included. Then all the other treasures added on top.

I wish you could see this in person, run your fingers over all the texture and gems, take in all the little details, and see yourself in the tiny mirrors! If you click on the photos below it's almost like you are in person. Enjoy.