Courage in Challenge


At the beginning of each month I do an Oracle reading for insight and encouragement for what's ahead. Then I journal my intuitive interpretation. 

This was for March: 

"There will be times of challenge. You may encounter obstacles, delays, or even feel isolated. 

Spend time in silence in nature, connecting with your heart to create a solid foundation. From that place you can look forward with courage. 

During times of uncertainty, reach deep to your core to find strength in your convictions. Then take action to develop resolve courageously. 

It can be intimidating and stressful to take action, you may try to make excuses, but now is the time. Don't delay, trust your direction and act now. 

Evolution is rarely easy but always beneficial. Allow the change that is taking place. The things that have held you back in the past, the things you feared, those will fuel you now. 

Those challenges are now helping you to move forward. Having courage in this time of change, shifting the fears, and taking action from this wise solid place will lead you to being committed to your authentic expression. 

This will bring honor and trust, which then leads to cooperation and fulfilling partnerships. Don't settle for half-hearted relationships. Look to connect with those mutually supportive, love-filled relationships. 

Ask for support when you need it, you are not alone. Gratitude will make it all the sweeter."

I didn't realize what this meant when I wrote it. Isolation?? Challenges?? Now with Covid-19 restrictions, I completely understand it!

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