Intuitive Roadtrip


I took a 5-day solo intuitive car camping road trip through Colorado. My travels took me from the desert, into the high mountains, and back. A truly inspiring range of landscape.

Words fail to describe my experience. I went because I needed time to reconnect with who I am and what are my needs and desires. Intuition and my connection with the spirit world were my guides and together we created beautiful circumstances that were divinely perfect.


Three of my nights were spent next to small rivers with the sounds of flowing water singing me to sleep and greeting me in the mornings. Ravens, squirrels, pines, magpies, a great heron, cottonwoods, bluejays and dragonflies kept me company.

I journaled and created art by the river. Meditated by a lake watching the shimmer of the water in the sunlight. Cooked and enjoyed my food to the sounds of chirping birds. Stopped at every single overlook that piqued my curiosity. Slept safely in my car-turned-home by the light of the quarter moon. Sat barefooted on large rocks that held me in a space of being one with nature.

There were a few difficult parts of my travels that led to new understandings and growth. I'll be contemplating these for a while. The challenge now is bringing all of this deeper living into my everyday life.

A woman traveling with her adult children told me at an overlook how I brave I was to travel alone. "I could never be so brave!" she exclaimed. I feel it's about following your heart and doing what will completely nourish yourself even if others don't understand. That's what is brave.

 I worked on a mixed media art piece during my trip. My intention was: "I am connected to my soul to experience pleasure, rejuvenation, and inspiration." 

 I love that the collage pieces include words about starting a journey, growing being present, loving to listen, and believing. All things I found to be important in being connected with my soul.

Supplies: Daniel Smith watercolors, Prismacolor pencils, Micron pens, gold Posca paint pen.
Art accompanied by clear quartz, moldavite, petalite, and leaves collected during my journey.