A Pivotal Year

New years eve. The last day of 2020, a pivotal year full of many emotions.

Pivotal: adj. "of crucial importance in relation to the development or success of something else."

There have been many descriptions of 2020, the most prevalent being that it's been a dumpster fire. Let's think about what a dumpster fire actually does, it burns away the unneeded trash to create space. That is truly what 2020 has done.

This year has shaken the whole world out of our slumber, out of our ruts, and out of our rigid thinking of how things "have to be." It has crumbled the foundations of how we do work and school and brought innovation where there's been stagnation.

It's opened our eyes further to crushing racial injustice and given voice to the voiceless. We can now clearly see the shadow side of our world that has kept us humans numb to the desperate needs of our neighbors near and far.

The challenge, tragedy, and devastating loss of this year has encouraged us to look deeply at what we value.

We will never be the same. We've completed a difficult chapter of history and now we're starting a new one. With all this new knowledge and understanding, we can move forward in better ways.

We can claim our creative abilities and build beautiful new foundations and systems that support the needs of each one of us, not just a few. We can all move from barely surviving into thriving.

It'll take action. What lights you up, inspires you, and gets you motivated? How can you put that to use to help others? What's your first step? This is your gift, your unique contribution to the world!

So yes, it's been a pivotal year. Challenging and excruciating at times yet essential for our growth as a planet. How will you move forward from this place?