Love the Imperfections


It's interesting how we humans try to present only the best to others. It's as if we believe that we are the only one who has a messy, imperfect life.

We fear anyone finding out that we have flaws and struggles. We isolate our insecurities and hide them from view. Maybe we believe that we will be rejected if somebody knows about them.

The truth is we all are human with beautiful human chaos that weaves in and around all of our experiences.

The grief, fear, anger, jealousy, rage, anguish, and pain along with the joy, peace, and ecstasy.

What if we learned to be with the uncomfortableness of our challenges. Sit with it. Hold it in our hearts until it's healed rather than packing it away in a dark corner of our mind to fester. Rather than dissociating, ignoring, or escaping from it. Instead, being gentle with ourselves, loving ourselves through it, and sharing with others in ways that are nourishing.

What if we normalized the things that make us human? I think it would light a fire of inspiration in our souls!