Flowing with the Elements

 Flowing with nature's elements. Earth, air, water, fire. Embodying the full spectrum. Groundedness and circulation. Firm and gentle. Wise and playful.

The dictionary page that I intuitively turned to includes the word nucleus, the center of the atom, the center of creation.

Across the margin talks about nuclear weapons.

I find this dichotomy of destruction and creation in relationship to the elements very interesting.

Destruction is built within the process of creation. In creating a painting, you are destroying a white canvas. In building a home, you are destroying an empty space.

It's also this way in life. Creating something new in our lives requires us to let go of a certain way of being. Healing requires us to let go of drama and trauma.

It can be a challenging process yet creating something new in our lives is always fulfilling.

Comment below:
What are you in the process of destroying and creating?

Art supplies: Daniel Smith watercolors, Inktense watercolors, Neocolor II watercolor crayons, Prismacolor pencils, Micron pens, Posca paint pens, dictionary paper, stencils