SaraAmarie: Artist and Connection Guide

I grew up as the quiet, good girl. The one that closely followed the rules given to her by others. I experienced fleeting moments of connecting with my deeper authenticity. I look back and can see where my gifts of creativity and connection have always been there.

In 2008, I was shaken out of my foggy state of being a follower. After steadying my spinning self, I began down my own path of genuine self discovery. Many classes, books, journals, and meditations have brought me to where I am now. I'm continually unveiling the real me that's been hidden under layers of social conditioning, learning to trust in myself for my own answers, gaining confidence in my authentic individuality, connecting with my deeper desires, pursuing my passions, playing more, and enjoying life. I would love to guide you to have the same in your own life. ♥

Leading people into their vibrantly wise inner world to find direction, answers, and inspiration lights me up. We as humans have the ability to live a life we love, but we often need some guidance. I trust in the wisdom you carry and honor the unique journey you're traveling. When I hold space to listen to your story and ask the questions that encourage healing and forward motion, this creates a true connection with the Divine inside and empowers you to live the life you desire. It delights me each time I witness this journey.

This is me.. Creativity. Deep conversation. Splashing in the creek. Painty hands. Healthy living. Art journaling. Family. Energy work. Red rocks in the southwest. Embodiment. Flowers. Sandals. Joy. Sunsets. Crystals. Watching my girlies become amazing humans. Palm trees. Stories of the past. Dancing. Intuition. Hiking. Friends. Peacocks. Natural food stores. Dragons. Powers of the mind and heart. Elephants. Traveling. Graphic design. Cute little ice cream shops. Evolution. Toes in the grass. Rain. Strapy shirts. Connection. Summertime. Time with hubby. Stargazing. Music. Rock climbing. Walking main street in little towns. Respect of others beliefs. Naps. Contentment. Farmer's Markets. Shopping. Goodies in the mail. Cloud watching. Pondering life's mysteries.

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