Connection Sessions

Create a life of joy and fulfillment with 
Connection Sessions.

Connect with the wisdom of your inner voice, discover your deeper yearnings, 
and awaken your creative power so you can gain the self-trust, love, and confidence 
to design the authentic life you desire.

You are the powerful creator of your life experience. We often ask ourselves: Who am I? What is my purpose? What are my gifts? Why do I feel blocked from living a positive life? You have the ability to create a life of career fulfillment, joyful relationships, and well being with a sense of inspired purpose. It's a skill that can be learned. I would love to help you do this through Soul Realignment and Connection Sessions.

Soul Realignment is an engaging process of reading your soul's information: your gifts, purpose, innate skills, life lessons, and the blocks from both this present and past lifetimes that are standing in the way of your full expression. Knowing your gifts and learning how to put them into action will help you create the life you desire.

In our sessions together I use life coaching techniques, creative exploration, connection with your inner community, emotional integration, and physical embodiment techniques along with Soul Realignment to guide you to uncover YOUR answers to fulfillment. Each person's journey is unique, your answers to fulfillment won't look like my answers. I guide you to dive deep into your own inner world. You just need a willingness to explore, listen to your inner self, and take action.

I create a safe, gentle, supportive space that will lead you on a journey 
of self-discovery and powerful transformation.

I have personally used many of these processes for almost a decade. In that time I've gained the confidence to fully pursue and take action on my desires and step through the fears and blocks that have held me back in the past. I've learned how to trust myself and live from a more connected, intentional place. I've uncovered the true authentic me and discovered my own value and the gifts I'm here to share. It's opened up and enhanced my whole experience.

These are some benefits that my clients have experienced:
 Greater life enjoyment
Improvement in relationships
Increased creativity
Clarification of purpose/direction
Business confidence 
Self care/ nourishment
Bold self-confidence
Stronger intuition
Adaptability/flexibility in life changes
Opening to receive abundance
Deeper self-awareness

During our time together you will:
*Be lovingly guided step by step in uncovering your deeper desires.
*Become more intentional with your life.
*Discover your innate Soul gifts, skills, tendencies, and quirks and gain a renewed self-acceptance.
*Learn what is blocking you from living and expressing your authentic self.
*Gain the ability to take new actions that will help you break through those limits.
*Discover simple exercise and activities that will help you listen to and have a stronger connection with your inner voice.
*Gain tools to help you have more clarity.
*Have support in putting the insights you receive into action so they can become part of your life.
*Become more confident and able to enjoy life more fully.

Connection Program Packages:

A Connection Program consists of a Soul Realignment Reading and four sessions to discuss your information and how to put it into action in your life. $375

An Expanded Connection Program consists of a Soul Realignment Reading and eight sessions to discuss your information and how to put it into action to create your thriving life. $750

I have in-person sessions as well as phone sessions available. If you're interested, contact me and let's talk. We'll discover your needs and how to take safe steps toward achieving them. 
Looking forward to connecting with you.

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Warning: Personal growth can be uncomfortable at times and amazingly ecstatic other times. 
By engaging in these sessions, you are making a commitment to your own transformation.
I am here with loving care to support you step by step.

Client experience and testimonials:
Sara has the ability to create and hold a nurturing space for an individual's soul journey to begin. During a challenging transitional time, she patiently guided me through the process of rediscovering my vibrant, confident self. Non-judgmental and full of enlightening insight, Sara encouraged me to use my own intuition and find my own answers within. Working with her opened the door for a vital dialog to begin and for me to courageously step forward."  -Julia

"This Connection Journey was an incredible experience to put it lightly. The container created was so safe and loving that it allowed creativity to flow in a way that lit me up and set me free from my own judgments and limitations. I highly recommend that everyone embark on their own journey with Sara." -Sarah

"This process was like unveiling a loving, clarifying message to myself. Seeing my art unfold on a page was seeing a reflection from the part of me that is clear and free of the noise of doubt. I was reminded of the tremendous resources I have access to within myself and I continue to study my finished piece for the message it gives me about where to focus, what to let go of, and what to allow." -Pippa

"This felt like a safe place for me to express my individuality and be creative. Having this expression to go on a soul journey was amazing, a process I never would have created on my own, but so right on in all the areas she guided me through." -Deanna

"I really enjoyed this process. I loved how all the exercises connected and integrated into the art. I loved the flow of the sessions, a brilliant journey, and a way to uncover what the inner self is saying. I am so grateful to have been a part of this process!" -Alicia

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