A little about Reiki and energy

I have had people ask me what Reiki is. Reiki definitions seem to be a bit different from person to person. I think it is dependent on where that person is in their beliefs, background, and path of life. Simply put, Reiki is energy.

Everything has energy. Everything is made of tiny little microscopic atoms. These are constantly, ever so slightly moving and creating energy. Everything, every living thing, every human, flower, tree, even rocks, and metal is made of these ever moving atoms so everything gives off its own energy or vibration. Different things give off different levels of this vibration- some things have a high vibration rate and some low. Reiki is a high vibrational energy that has the power to heal.

Humans have 7 main energy centers in their body (called chakras) and many small energy points throughout the body (this is how acupuncture and acupressure work.) The 7 major chakras are each associated with different physical and emotional aspects in our body.

After these chakras are open and the body is attuned, you are then ready to preform Reiki. To preform Reiki, I would place my hands on someone with the intent that Reiki flow to them for healing and love. Reiki energy would then flow from God (whoever that may be for you), into me through my crown chakra, down through my heart chakra, down through my arms, out my palms (which are an energy center too) and into the person I am healing. So in a sense, I am just a vessel through which the energy flows. The energy knows where in the body it needs to go, but I would move my hands around, paying attention to positions of the chakras and my own intuition.

Everyone (giving or receiving) feels the energy in different ways. J rarely feels the energy when I am giving him a treatment, yet I almost always feel a sensation of water running on my palms or warmth while giving. There are many many stories with awesome healing results. One of the most simple is a feeling of relaxation, up to clinically documented healings of cancer!