My Reiki beginnings

I love how just the right things happen to be available at just the right time or certain things happen just when they need to! Some call it coincidence but I sincerely believe it is much more than that. It is more of a Divine guidance and I am learning to trust it more and more!

I mentioned that my draw to Reiki is strong and I was in the process of finding a teacher to take a class and receive an attunement. I did find a teacher here in my small town and was overjoyed that she has had others interested in a class and plans to do one some time in October.

Even though October is only next month, it still felt a lifetime away. I decided to keep learning as much as I could about Reiki and continue to practice on myself and my husband. I have felt a small amount of energy while doing this. I believe Reiki is a part of us from birth and it's full potential just needs unlocked so it is natural that a small amount of energy would flow.

Something I was reading sparked my interest in self attunements. I looked over at the Google ads displayed on the site, something I hadn't payed much attention to at all up until then. In that list of ads, there were not one, not two, but three links to information about self attunements! I found one of them to be more of what I was looking for- it had alot of good information but was also selling a Reiki class/self attunement package. I decided to wait because it didn't seem right to purchase it at the time. I went back a few times to look at the package but the program never really felt like the path for me at the time.

I had joined a Reiki manual yahoo group so I went to see if there was any self attunement information. I was delighted to find some and saved them. Yesterday afternoon finally felt like the right time to try out the attunement written by a lady named Sheree!

It was quiet in the house and I put on some soft relaxing music. I did the symbol in the air in front of me and in my palms as instructed and read the first part of the attunement. I then sat back and relaxed to let the energy flow. At first I didn't really feel anything but then realized a bit of pressure in my Crown chakra. It almost felt as if the energy was opening up and softly stretching the chakra. The energy started making it's way down through my other chakras stopping at each one to open and stretch them one by one. It spent a bit more time at the Heart chakra but seemed to skip over the Sacral chakra completely. Then ending with a stronger energy feeling at the Root chakra and slowly fading away. I finished reading the rest of the attunement and ended by drawing the symbols again in front of me and in my palms.

I then went to relax and take in the moment. As I closed my eyes I saw a square come by me from the right and lay down just a little ways in the distance. I perceived it to be some kind of map that I will be able to see in the future- I look forward to that time! I slowly drifted off for a short nap. In those moments before I really woke up, I saw lots and lots of symbols quickly flying by- I couldn't tell what they were but knew they were symbols. That evening I tried Reiki on my husband. There was a definite increase in the energy that I felt! I am excited about this new step of my Reiki journey.

I do still plan on attending the class in town to make some connections and new friends! :)