Project 365- week 1

I have decided to do Project 365 this year-taking a photo a day. I think it will really be fun to look back on in the future. The plan is to take the photos each day and on Wednesdays, transfer from camera to computer, doing photo enhancement and upload here. Sometimes I am not real good with following through with things but I am going to try hard with this one! Here's my first week:

Jan1- Astrology... a great way to get to know yourself better. Which is something I will be focusing on this year.

Jan2- The girls love dressing up with their fairy wings and wand.

Jan3- Some snuggle time with daddy.

Jan4- Clover and J getting ready to go for a 4-wheeler ride.

Jan5- Manicure time, complete with multicolors and flower stickers!

Jan6- Play-Doh! What great messy fun!

Jan7- Learning how to play Hi Ho Cherry Oh!