Project 365- week 2

Yay! I've kept going through week 2! lol Its fun trying to figure out what to capture each day! Here they are:

Jan8: Home from the grocery store. Love my re-usable bags! Thankfully the girls like helping put stuff away!

Jan9: The girls playing with their new life-like baby dolls.

Jan10: I made Lentil Stew for Saturday lunch with the family. Lentil Stew has always been a favorite- it was often sent for lunch anytime we went skiing...ah memories.

Jan11: I know this is a bad photo but I wanted one of the moon. It is the closest to the earth that the full moon will be for the year 2009.

Jan12: We had some Clover-mommy time today. Sunshine was spending the night at Gram's house.

Jan13: Homemade pizza! I used a no-yeast crust recipe and it turned out surprisingly well!

Jan14: These may look like ordinary clothes but they aren't. These are superhero clothes! Not sure how black long-underware and maroon fuzzy jackets started being called superhero clothes, but that's what they are!