Natural progression

I wish I had it together enough to have blogged about my focus on "natural" throughout the year and not just a couple posts. I'm proud to say that I've actually kept up with it though and am very happy with the changes I've made! I have noticed that there has been an unconscious progression. From a focus on outer action to a focus on inner action. All of these things were in play throughout the year but there always seemed to be a main focus and the progression is interesting to me.

The beginning of the year, my main focus was on outer actions like recycling/composting better, using recycled toilet paper, car mileage improvement, getting rid of plastic, buying less plastic, less single use plastic items, bringing another plant into the house (which died as I don't have a green thumb), getting rid of the microwave, etc.

The main focus turned to beauty/body care products which is still an outer action but closer to the body. I looked at the products I use and started eliminating chemicals and toxins. I started making my own deodorant and tooth powder which both surprisingly work awesome! The thing I have had the most trouble with is my hair. I've tried using the soap my husband makes- no good for my hair but works great for the girls. I tried the "no 'poo" method of using baking soda and apple cider vinegar but wasn't completely happy with it. The vinegar is the PERFECT conditioner- I will never go back to any other conditioner as this leaves hair shiny and tangle-free but the baking soda wasn't completely what I was looking for in a wash. Next I tried an all natural dish soap that claimed it was good for hair too but it dried mine out. I found a natural shampoo made from soapnuts (a kind of berry that has soap properties and is often used in raw form for laundry) from Naturoli. I *LOVE* this stuff but it's way expensive. Stretching it by only washing my hair every other day and by using baking soda now and then works well. They also have a highly concentrated laundry soap that works great too. I think part of the trouble with finding good natural options for cleaning my hair is due to needing some kind of gel/mousse for my wild curls (thus having to wash out the stickiness) and having very hard water. After trying a couple natural gels/mousses, I found a good one by Alba Botanica.

The focus on body products flowed into an inner focus on what we eat. This really needs its own post because I have learned so much this year that is increasing my family's health. We were soo sick this last winter with cold after flu after cold. I knew that something needed changed. After looking at our diet that I thought was so healthy, I decided to look into other various diets including raw food, alkaline, and gluten free. I gleaned great things from all of them but it wasn't until I found GNOWFGLINS and her ecourses that I finally KNEW I found what I had been looking for. I will hopefully write more about this soon!

Lately I find my focus turning even more inward. I want to really know myself, define who I am, what I want out of life, and my beliefs, improve my abilities, work on my weaknesses, and grow as a human on my walk of life. Through this desire, I have found my "focus word" for this coming year: Evolution.

Evolution: any process of formation or growth; development. A process of continuous change from a lower, unsatisfactory to a higher, improved state.

I plan on doing lots of journaling and art journaling this new year. I've started already. :)