32 adventures for my thirty-second year

32 has always been my number. It happened around the age of 13 when a friend and I said the number at the same time. We thought that was awesome. And it stuck.

Now that I am about to turn 32, I've decided to make this the best year yet! Astrologically, this is a very good year for me. I'm excited that its also the year of the Mayan prophecy which I believe is filled with joy and evolution.

32 adventures for my thirty-second year:
1-  take a life changing class Soul Art, IGNITE
2-  hike to delicate arch
3-  spend a week on the beach
4-  work on my rag quilt
5-  sister trip
6-  take a dance class (qigong)

7-  go to a concert
8-  spend time in Castle Valley
9-  get a tattoo
10- go to a waterfall
11- play poker with the family
12- visit with old friends: May 25
13- start a business July 11
14- SLC weekend with Jim: May 25-27
15- dip in the river: June 8
16- daughter dates-25unique activities 1-8
17- go to Desert Rocks: June7-10
18- family girls weekend
19- drive in the mountains June 30
20- attend a Frankie D's event
21- say no to something I don't want to do
22- swing in the park
23- do something spontaneous
24- help someone connect to inner self
25- go to the circus
26- get a passport
27- host a women's circle
28- leave encouraging notes around town
29- family camping trip June30
30- do an activity requiring a harness
31- go sledding
32- picnics! yep