Adventures Experienced

It's been two months of great adventures since my birthday! I have so much to say that I don't even know where to start! :-D I'll go in order of my adventure list:

1-  take a life changing class
I am in the midst of a few awesome classes: Laura Hollick's Soul Art Certification, Leonie Dawson's Business Goddess Ecourse, and WILD: The Way of the Woman's Wild Creative Heart. All three have brought about great personal flourishing, especially Soul Art. I'll post separately about that.

12- visit with old friends
May 25- I had a wonderful time with two great friends of mine, Mark and Jeremy. We spent 2 hours talking, laughing, and eating at Cheese Cake Factory. Good times for sure! You know it's been a good time when your cheeks hurt (no not those cheeks!) Later we danced it up at a fun nightclub. This was part of the next adventure and I hope to add more old friend visits!

14- SLC weekend with Jim
 May25-27- Jim and I had our yearly post LASIK check-up in Salt Lake City so we decided to make it a whole weekend. We had the best time together. First up was shopping at a couple DI's (huge awesome thrift stores). Jim is actually really good at finding me cute shirts, so I came back with a new, cheap wardrobe. Love thrift shopping! We settled into our hotel then spent the evening with friends (above entry). Next day included a yummy breakfast out, our check-up, more shopping, watched Hunger Games at the theater, and went dancing at our favorite nightclub in SLC, Allure. Thankfully there was a photographer there because I forgot my camera and didn't get any  other photos of the rest of the trip.
See why I love this nightclub?? I adore the lit dance floor! It's so fun! The next day we had another yummy breakfast out, headed part of the way home, watched the Avengers (Hunger Games was better!), went the rest of the way home, got big hugs from our sweet lil girlies.

15- dip in the river
June8- As part of our Desert Rocks trip (will post seperately later), we went to the Green River for a cool refreshing break from the heat and wind. I really enjoyed it but hope to also do a Colorado River dip!

16- daughter dates-25unique activities
We've done a few fun activities with the girls. I don't have pics of most of them unfortunately (must have gotten camera burn-out from doing the yearbook!)
    1- Sunshine's class went to a cute little general store to learn about how they make huge batches of fudge. She felt bad that Clover missed out so we took her after school. We bought some fudge for later and got some ice cream to enjoy while sitting together on main street.
    2- We had a picnic on the roof! The girls were a little unsure at first but soon settled in and loved it.
    3-The girls, Gram, and I went out for lunch to Milt's. We sat outside and enjoyed yummy food and  ice cream!
    4-Picnic lunch at the park.
    5-I took the girls to a beautiful park to play with waterguns. Unfortunately they didn't work well but fortunately the sprinklers were on! We had a blast running through all the big sprinklers together!
    6-Swimming at the pool together.
    7-Watched both the solar eclipse and the transit of Venus together. Jim made a great little viewer out of welder's glass. I think Jim and I enjoyed it more than the girls. lol Jim was able to take the below photos of the sun through welder's glass. The tiny black dot against the sun on the bottom photo is Venus!

    8-Attended a dance party at a one of the girls' friend's home with a bunch of other friends and their families. What a fun time everyone had together!
 More to come!

32- picnics
Oh, we've done picnics. On the roof, at the park, under the tree, at the school, and I'm sure there are many more to come!