Life changing classes (part1) Soul Art Certification

The first entry on my 32 adventures list is take a life changing class. Before I made the list, and even before I thought of the list, there were two big life changing classes already in the works. I mentioned them in my 2011 wrap up post.

I included them on the list because they are so very important to me. I wanted to cement them into my beautiful 32nd year. You see, these two classes will prepare me for my calling, my life purpose. I strongly feel called to help others connect with their true self through art and to trust and use that inner wisdom we each have.

The first of the two classes is Soul Art Certification with Laura Hollick. This work-at-your-own-pace 10 week class started the end of April. I'm about to start the independent assignment that will finish the first half of the class. The first half has been all about experiencing the soul art process for my self so I'll know what it feels like. It's been so much more transformative and soul connective than I dreamed possible. I adore the whole process, the whole journey.

Art from my first Soul Art journey
A Soul Art journey goes through defining an intention for the journey, connecting with your body through body-mapping, connecting with your soul/Spirit/inner self and intuitively pouring it out onto your body map through which ever art medium you are most comfortable with, then decoding the symbolism of your inner landscape.

The above photo is of the art I created for my first journey with acrylic paint and college. It was so awesome to gain insights from my art that directly related to my intention. I was amazed at the symbolism that just flowed intuitively into this piece.

After my independent assignment, a self lead Soul Art journey, I will learn how to lead others on Soul Art journeys of their own. When I finish the class, I will be a Certified Soul Art Guide! I am so excited and grateful to be taking this amazing class!

I am equally excited about the second class that will be starting in October. It's called IGNITE: A Fearless Painting Teacher Training and is taught by Connie Hozvicka. I'll talk more about this class in another post soon. :)