Flying into radiant living.

My guiding word for 2014 was BIRD:

To take action, to take flight, to soar. To connect in such perfect ways as birds connect with each other during flight. To express my self freely as birds sing their song. To be in tune with nature. To create what is needed (business, etc) to sustain my dreams as birds create their nests. To be playful and free.

I embodied BIRD by:

*Integrating the spiritual and physical sides of myself causing an explosion in my creativity leading to many paintings completed. *Conducting many one on one and group Soul Art journeys and receiving my certification. *Making 2 solo trips to connect with friends, to Arizona and Wyoming giving me a sense of self reliance and freedom.  *Learning how to cooperate with fear and anxiety and use its energy to propel me forward. *Stepping out of my comfort zone to inquire about local studio space and other business stuffs. *Connecting with amazing ladies in a women's business networking group. *Getting comfortable with being seen both online and locally.

There are ways I have not embodied bird. I plan to remedy that in 2015!

I will fully align with my inner self, my deep worth and value, my passions, my desires, and my purpose. I will trust, love and honor myself so I can let my true self shine. I will be open and connect with others that truly nourish me and my dreams. I will attract abundance with ease. I will feel lit up, creative, playful, vibrant, joyful.

This alignment and connection will make me radiant.

In 2015:


Honor the calling of your heart!

I desired a more fulfilling life. I was tired of feeling like I was just going through the motions of life, foggy and stuck. I wanted to feel lit up, creative, and vibrant. Maybe you desire that too? You feel the urgings of your heart, calling you toward fulfillment.

Don't let fear limit what is possible for you. Sign up for the 12 week Life Connection Sessions and let me help you say yes to your heart's desires and move through the fears that have held you back in the past.

This program is one on one, just you and me. It includes a private online classroom with step by step lessons, a place to ask questions and post your progress. My favorite part is the personal coaching calls each and every week where I guide you deeper, listen to you, help you burst through limits, celebrate your progress, and give you my full support for your journey. This is a true investment in YOU!

If your heart is calling you to this program, honor that. Start the process of honoring yourself now. Don't let fear stand in the way. Click here for more info and to sign up! Much love!


My Essence

I took a leap. 

I was scared and unsure how it could even work. Yet I felt this deep call to move forward. Many little messages from the universe pointed me in the direction. 

My heart kept telling me a strong YES. Only the financial fear was blocking the way. I heard it, "Leap and it will be provided." I swam in that place where fear and possibility dance. 

I opened my self to trust and leapt. I have since received affirming messages! So now I trust, let go of the tightness, and relax into the care of the universe.

What did I leap into? A beautiful amazing year long business class called the Nu Icon Program taught by Laura Hollick. I am so excited to receive her guidance on creating a business and business structures based completely on me and what will completely nourish me! 

There's a contest to win a full scholarship. The entry is to express your inner essence. Here is my entry:

I am a dreamer.
I am lit up by going deep,
by shining a light on the gems that have yet to be discovered,
by creating a safe space for others to do the same.
I am excited by messages found in that deeper place of wisdom
from spirit animals, other realms, the Universe.
I am creative, bringing those gems and messages into my art.
I am bringing dreams to life.

I had so much fun dreaming up the concept, doing the photo shoot, and bringing it to life. Here are a couple other photos from the shoot:

Here are a couple silly ones:


Trust yourself!

Journal Wisdom: Trust yourself, care for yourself! 
What would bring you joy in this moment?


Asking Questions, Equality, and the Status Quo

I dream of a world where there is equal treatment for everyone.

Everyone is offered the same beautiful opportunities.

Everyone can thrive in the way they dream to thrive.

No one is disregarded because of their sexuality, their race, their place of birth, their gender, their time in history, their preferences, their family, their career, or ANY of their "differentness."

We don't need to be labeled, separated. We are all human.

Because of this, I end up feeling inequalities and questioning things.

Recently I experienced this as a wave of hate poured through the internet. This time directed at a woman that has painted art on rocks in National parks. Yes it's protected land, yes it's not her property, yes she was arrogant about it, yes I completely agree that nature is sacred and should be revered, yes she should have gone about her art in a more thoughtful, respectful way. I totally agree that she was in the wrong in many ways here. Is the extent of shaming and hate really necessary though?

So I posed a question, "Why is ancient Native American art on rocks ok, sacred, and even protected but modern American art on rock is bad?" This came from my deeply held belief that all people should be treated with respect. 

It was asked from a place of  concern for a deeper issue. At first I didn't even know why I felt this way until I did some soul searching. My desire for equal treatment extends much farther then to just who gets to get married.

So I question things. Why does one kind of art become sacred and one is shamed? They both are on rocks and neither artist owned the property.

Often people react negatively to something like this just because that's how is and that's how we're expected to think and react.

This brings to the second underlying reason for posing the question. If the world is going to change, if we are going to be able to make things better for future generations, we NEED to start questioning the status quo!

We need to start questioning how things are and have always been done. This is the only way to have progress. 

It's tradition, it's what's expected, it's just how our culture does things... it's what my religion teaches. This. no. longer. works.

I'm daring to dream a new reality into being. So I ask questions. I challenge so that hopefully others will start asking their own questions.


Taking Flight

I adore watching ravens soaring, swooping, and diving amongst the red rocks. 

I could sit for hours, bare toes in the red sand, watching their carefree flight.

Such wise creatures.

Here to teach us so much about magic and being playful, confident, and powerful.

I feel their teaching touching my life each time I pause to watch their graceful flight.

Taking Flight
© 2014 SaraAmarie
Acrylic, Ink
30"x24" stretched canvas
Original: $499
Prints: available soon

Castle Vibrancy

I made my way up the winding river road with a smile on my face. I was headed to Castle Valley, one of my favorite, most magical places. I dropped down into the little valley, towering red rock line the sides and at the far end the lush green valley rises to meet the beautiful La Sal Mountains. 

This is truly a desert oasis! As I leave my car to hike to find the best sketching spot I can feel the vibrant energy of the area, nourishing and grounding. As flowers bend in the soft breeze, I channel that energy into my art.

Castle Vibrancy
© 2014 SaraAmarie
Acrylic, Ink
14"x11" stretched canvas
Original: $154 SOLD!
Prints: available soon


Creative Connection: Desire - a 5 week online class

I am incredibly excited to announce my new online class - Creative Connection: Desire!

Desire is the first step of bringing something new into your life. It ignites the change that you want or need. It moves you forward. You can catch yourself staring into the distance with that feeling that something is missing even when things are going well. Then some times you feel a bit stuck and just need a change. It is time to get connected with your desires and intentionally bring amazing into your life.

Using the Soul Art process, life coaching techniques and intuitive exploration, I create a safe, supportive space that will help you connect with what lights you up, awaken your creativity, and lead you on a journey of self discovery and true personal growth.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you!


Spirit and human

Journal Wisdom: We're here to bridge the gap between Spirit and physical existence. Spirit yearns to experience the physical realm, the messy, the heart wrenching pain, and the ecstatic pleasure of being human. 

Where can you add more pleasure to your life? 


Your Whole Self is Beautiful!

Your whole self is beautiful! Where can you open a little bit more into acceptance about yourself?


Step into Fear

Is there a place in YOUR life you can open to new possibilities?


Collage Journal Pages

The collage bug has bitten! 

Encouraging me to take flight with my dreams:

Reminding me of what I need in my life to be a powerful me:


First Full-Day Group Soul Art Journey

The group Soul Art Journey I lead was amazing. 

Magic happens when we gather to share a day of self discovery, growth, and true nourishment! 

Synchronicities pop up like wild flowers. One's experience speaks directly to another. 

Where once there were strangers, friends are found. 

I am deeply grateful to be on such a beautiful path!


Join me on an in person Soul Art journey

I have been working on a training called the Soul Art Certification. Once I'm certified I will use what I've learned to start a business of my own. My final assignment is leading a group Soul Art Journey.

Soul Art is a creative process where I guide you to connect with your deeper needs and desires, then find the answers to fulfillment. I create a safe, supportive space for growth and self discovery. No art experience is necessary, just a journal and a willingness to explore and listen to your inner self. All other supplies provided.

I would like to invite you to join me as I lead you through a group Soul Art journey, in person here in Moab UT, Saturday, July 26, 9am-6pm. $45

I have personally used Soul Art for over two years. In that time I've uncovered the true authentic me and discovered my own value and the gifts I'm here to share. I've gained the confidence to fully pursue and take action on my passions and deeper desires and step through the fears that have held me back in the past. I've learned how to completely trust myself and live from a more connected, intentional place. It's truly opened up and enhanced my whole world.

Here is a list of just a few of the benefits that my clients and I have experienced:
Increased creativity
Bold self confidence
Deepened intuition
Self reliance
Business confidence
Self care/nourishment
Adaptability/flexibility in life changes
Opening to receive abundance
Deeper self awareness
Clarification of purpose/direction
Greater life enjoyment
Improvement in relationships

I have limited spots so register soon! To register call me at 435-210-8346 or email at saraamariedesigns@gmail.com by July 24. I will give you more details at time of registration. Payment is due at the beginning of class. Feel free to contact me with questions.

Please share with anyone that may be interested!

Sign up for my newsletter to hear about future online and in person opportunities! Click here: http://eepurl.com/n26DX


In the Care of the Wise Tree

In the Care of the Wise Tree
© 2014 SaraAmarie
Acrylic, Ink
20"x20" stretched canvas
Original: SOLD!


Desert Glow

Desert Glow
© 2014 SaraAmarie
Acrylic, Ink
20"x16" stretched canvas


I'm a baby bird

I'm like a baby bird standing on the edge of the nest. 

I've been fed, I've grown tremendously, I've seen others fly, I've done some jump and wing flutters in the nest, and now its my turn. I know I have wings, the tools to fly. 
I just need to jump now. 

I look up into the vast sky awaiting my flight. 
I see other birds soaring, spiraling upward. 
I hear their calls beckoning and encouraging me out of the safe nest. 
I feel the rush of excitement, the desire of complete freedom. 

Yet I look down at the ground and I feel the fear and anxiety, it paralyzes me. I experience a back and forth pull between soaring free and huddling down safe in the nest a bit longer. 

Deep down I know that I'm ready to fly, I long for the breeze in my feathers. 
 But I'm scared to take the leap. 

I know its the hardest part, stepping out there and feeling the free-fall until I gain my stability. 

Nobody can help me with this step, to just give me a little push. 
I must do it myself. 

So I take a breath, 

gather my courage, 


stretch out my wings, 

and I fly.


Shine Despite the Gossips

Shine Despite the Gossips
© 2014 SaraAmarie
Acrylic, Ink
20"x20" stretched canvas
Original: $499
Prints: available soon


Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem
© 2014 SaraAmarie
Acrylic, Ink
12"x9" stretched canvas
Original: $195
Prints: available soon


Climbing Owl Rock

Climbing Owl Rock
© 2014 SaraAmarie
Acrylic, Ink
12"x12" stretched canvas
Original: $249
Prints: available soon