4 canvas progress

There's always a point in my art where I take a step back.

I observe it from different angles.

I listen.

I sometimes see shapes, people, or objects that are calling to certain spaces of the work. Then I continue the piece, bringing to life those very things.

This is what happened with my 4 canvases. I stepped back, I walked around them, I sat in silence listening and watching.

I saw landscapes and women's faces.

So I found a large bag, packed up two canvases and a black pen, and went hiking! 

A certain place in Arches National Park was calling to me so I went there to find just the right landscape to sketch on my canvases.  I spread out a blanket, took off my shoes, breathed in the warm desert air, smiled, and began.

I thoroughly loved it!

Most of my art is nowhere near realistic (if I want a realistic representation I take a photo) but I've started to really enjoy sketching when I'm out hiking. I feel like this helps me connect with what's around me in a deeper way.

Can't wait to see where these go from here! 


Permission to be ME!

PERMISSION to fully completely, apologetically be ME.

self love and acceptance

Sometimes you feel like you need it, but you don't need permission to be yourself.
Claim your uniqueness and move forward boldly!


4 canvas work in progress

You know that coffee shop I posted about loving to journal in? It used to have this amazing, huge painting hanging on the wall. It must have been sold and now there's a big bare space. I've decided to paint something for that space.

Yes, presumptuous, I know, but I've decided that I am ready to take things to the next level. I'm ready to have my art seen. 
I'm ready to be brave, put myself out there and ask to have my art displayed.

I've started with 4 canvases and created some dimension. Below I finished spreading color with my fingers (who needs brushes anyway??), grunged up edges with more color, and started scribble-doodling with a black pen. 

 Not sure where it's headed from here. I can't stop looking at it, I adore bright color!


Coffee shop!

Journaling with my decaf. Love the happy buzz of a coffee shop!


I must be a mermaid

I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living! -Anais Nin

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