4 canvas progress

There's always a point in my art where I take a step back.

I observe it from different angles.

I listen.

I sometimes see shapes, people, or objects that are calling to certain spaces of the work. Then I continue the piece, bringing to life those very things.

This is what happened with my 4 canvases. I stepped back, I walked around them, I sat in silence listening and watching.

I saw landscapes and women's faces.

So I found a large bag, packed up two canvases and a black pen, and went hiking! 

A certain place in Arches National Park was calling to me so I went there to find just the right landscape to sketch on my canvases.  I spread out a blanket, took off my shoes, breathed in the warm desert air, smiled, and began.

I thoroughly loved it!

Most of my art is nowhere near realistic (if I want a realistic representation I take a photo) but I've started to really enjoy sketching when I'm out hiking. I feel like this helps me connect with what's around me in a deeper way.

Can't wait to see where these go from here!