Flying into radiant living.

My guiding word for 2014 was BIRD:

To take action, to take flight, to soar. To connect in such perfect ways as birds connect with each other during flight. To express my self freely as birds sing their song. To be in tune with nature. To create what is needed (business, etc) to sustain my dreams as birds create their nests. To be playful and free.

I embodied BIRD by:

*Integrating the spiritual and physical sides of myself causing an explosion in my creativity leading to many paintings completed. *Conducting many one on one and group Soul Art journeys and receiving my certification. *Making 2 solo trips to connect with friends, to Arizona and Wyoming giving me a sense of self reliance and freedom.  *Learning how to cooperate with fear and anxiety and use its energy to propel me forward. *Stepping out of my comfort zone to inquire about local studio space and other business stuffs. *Connecting with amazing ladies in a women's business networking group. *Getting comfortable with being seen both online and locally.

There are ways I have not embodied bird. I plan to remedy that in 2015!

I will fully align with my inner self, my deep worth and value, my passions, my desires, and my purpose. I will trust, love and honor myself so I can let my true self shine. I will be open and connect with others that truly nourish me and my dreams. I will attract abundance with ease. I will feel lit up, creative, playful, vibrant, joyful.

This alignment and connection will make me radiant.

In 2015: