My Essence

I took a leap. 

I was scared and unsure how it could even work. Yet I felt this deep call to move forward. Many little messages from the universe pointed me in the direction. 

My heart kept telling me a strong YES. Only the financial fear was blocking the way. I heard it, "Leap and it will be provided." I swam in that place where fear and possibility dance. 

I opened my self to trust and leapt. I have since received affirming messages! So now I trust, let go of the tightness, and relax into the care of the universe.

What did I leap into? A beautiful amazing year long business class called the Nu Icon Program taught by Laura Hollick. I am so excited to receive her guidance on creating a business and business structures based completely on me and what will completely nourish me! 

There's a contest to win a full scholarship. The entry is to express your inner essence. Here is my entry:

I am a dreamer.
I am lit up by going deep,
by shining a light on the gems that have yet to be discovered,
by creating a safe space for others to do the same.
I am excited by messages found in that deeper place of wisdom
from spirit animals, other realms, the Universe.
I am creative, bringing those gems and messages into my art.
I am bringing dreams to life.

I had so much fun dreaming up the concept, doing the photo shoot, and bringing it to life. Here are a couple other photos from the shoot:

Here are a couple silly ones: