Divine Love Notes May1-7

Divine Love Notes May1-7: Keep the magic alive. The week may feel a bit dark at times. Things may come up that demand to be dealt with. It's important to face them rather than stuffing them down and hiding them or running from them. Dealing with this will be so beneficial in the long run! This doesn't need to be drudgerous though. How can you deal with the darkness of the week in a new way? Approach this in a way that turns the darkness to light. It's all in the way you look at it. Let your magic bleed into your week in ways that become inspiring. Loosen up, let it flow in new ways. Ways that can transform the dark heavy feelings of the week into lightness. It's time to transform the last bits of the past junk into inspiration for what lies ahead. What lies ahead is beautiful and it's waiting for you. How will you approach the darkness of this week in a new way so it can transform into magic? ‪#‎divinelovenotes‬