Continued Growth

Things are good right now. Life. Relationships. Inner wellbeing. Maybe better than they've ever been.

Last year I trudged through the swamps of my heart and mind. The heaviness was almost crushing. It felt like being trapped in quicksand.

I dug the junk out from under my very foundation to be released or healed.

Finally, the allure of sunlight gently coaxed me out of the swamp. I could see more clearly. I had more energy. I felt centered and at peace. And what was this feeling? Fulfillment? Maybe even joy!

As good as it is, I've been shown there's more junk to release. Ugh!! I don't want to go back into the heavy quicksand swamp.

Going back into the swamp won't be helpful. I'm leaving the quicksand behind.  Instead, a visit to the cleansing waterfalls to wash away the muck of the swamp is what I need.

I was afraid to do anything to rock the boat and take away this peace and joy I've felt.

What if things could get even better! Better than this?? Ok, I'm ready to jump out of the boat and into the waterfall.