Soul Realignment

I'm excited to share with you that I have found my heart's work through becoming a certified Soul Realignment Practitioner. I've been practicing the skills, working with clients, and I'm looking forward to doing this in a bigger way to help more people.

You are the powerful creator of your life experience. We often ask ourselves: Who am I? What is my purpose? What are my gifts? Why do I feel blocked from living a positive life? You have the ability to create a life of career fulfillment, joyful relationships, and wellbeing with a sense of inspired purpose. It's a skill that can be learned. I would love to help you do this through Soul Realignment and Life Connection Sessions.

Soul Realignment is an engaging process of reading your soul's information: your gifts, purpose, innate skills, life lessons, and the blocks from both this present and past lifetimes that are standing in the way of your full expression. Knowing your gifts and learning how to put them into action will help you create the life you desire. A basic Life Connection Program consists of a Soul Realignment Reading and three sessions to discuss your information and how to put it into action in your life. If this is enough for you to powerfully move forward, that's great. We can check in every few months to continue clearing the way for what you are creating in your life. However, I feel the real magic comes through working together in an ongoing way. I'm able to perfectly cater the sessions to your personal needs through different readings and techniques.

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If you're interested, contact me and let's talk. We'll discover your needs and how to take safe steps toward achieving them. Looking forward to connecting with you.