Black Lives Matter


All lives won't matter until black lives matter.

My heart goes out to all who are hurting and in grief, who are angry and full of rage, and those who fear for their loved ones lives. What is happening against you is terrible. I see you. I stand with you.

In the past I have naively thought that we are all equal. We're taught to say it in the Pledge of Allegiance: with liberty and justice for all. Sadly, that is not the reality of our world. I did not understand the struggle that BIPOC go through, that the system is built to work against them.

I am angry that racism is used to brainwash us to believe everyone has the same privilege and leaves us blind to seeing any different.

I see now and will do better!

Black Lives Matter!

Materials: Daniel Smith watercolor, Micron pens
Gems: black tourmaline, rose quartz, aragonite