Full Moon Reading

 Full moon oracle reading.

You've been in a place of change, a rebirth even. You've been working on letting go of the past, of all of the things that you are outgrowing. You are shedding your old skin like the snake.

At some point it's important to see that you have transformed. Now is that time. See the beauty of the changes that have been happening within you. Yes, we will always continue our growth, but take some time to reflect on what new aspects you see within yourself now. Are you more brave, caring, emotionally intelligent? Acknowledge all of this work you have done and what you have achieved. Remind yourself, "I am transformed."

A nourishing aspect of this growth has been a deepening connection to your inner light. Trust your light, your heart whispers, your gut knowing. As the lighthouse shines for ships in the dark, follow your inner light to guide each new step on your journey ahead.  

Contemplation questions:
What new aspects do I see within myself now that I am transformed?
How can I deepen into trusting my inner light?

Save this post to review during this coming cycle. 

Oracle: I Am Everything card deck by @iamandco, Tessera Oracle by @tesseraoracle