How do you want to feel in your life, home, business, or relationships? How do you want others to feel when they do business with you or visit your home? I guide you in answering these questions then I intuitively create a mixed media art piece that aids in bringing those desires into reality.

 Connection Art is a powerful piece of art. I listen to all your desires and aspirations for your life, home, business, or relationship and distill them into your crystal clear intention. The art then creates a bridge to help your intention transform from being a dream into it being your reality.


Reflection Art takes the energy of the already defined purpose and goals of your home or business, crystallizing and anchoring it into your space. The art reflects your intention to the people around you so they can experience it in a more profound way.

Connection art attracts your desires into your reality. Reflection art shines your purpose to others. Connection is inward, Reflection is outward. The line between these two forms of art do blur at times and can be blurred intentionally to create exactly what you desire for your own home or business.

How do these commissions work?
Once you initiate the process below and we set up a time, we'll connect either in person locally or over the phone. 

If you're interested in a Connection Art piece, I'll guide you through a Connection Session consultation where we talk through questions that will help clarify what you desire and to define the intention for your piece. The intention will be a statement that will be the guide and container for the art. We'll talk about size, color, and our collective vision for the piece. I intuitively create your art piece keeping the intention and feelings you desire at the forefront of my process. Then I deliver your piece with love. 

If you're interested in a Reflection Art piece, I'll ask you questions about your home or business so I can get a feel of the energy of your already defined purpose. It's best if I can experience your space and offerings directly. This helps me gather the most accurate picture of what you want people, clients or guests to experience in your care. We'll talk about size, color, and our collective vision for the piece. I take that into my intuitive process as I create your art piece so that when others view it they too will feel it. Then I deliver your piece with love.

Join me on a journey through the detailed process of a Connection Art piece to see 
the care and love that goes into each piece.

You Receive:
*A Connection Session consultation where I guide you into clarity around your area of interest, crystallizing it into a concise statement to powerfully connect with or reflect your desires.
*A professional, ready to hang acrylic and mixed media painting on stretched canvas that's not only beautiful but will also Connect or Reflect your intention.

Your Investment:
Your investment will depend on a the size of the art. Click the drop down box below for prices.

Size of art in inches

When making a payment, put in the comment section the email you prefer to be contacted through. After I've received your payment, I'll make contact to schedule a time for your consultation.
I look forward to working with you! Contact me with any questions.

Thank you for your interest!