Soul Realignment

I'm excited to share with you that I have found my heart's work through becoming a certified Soul Realignment Practitioner. I've been practicing the skills, working with clients, and I'm looking forward to doing this in a bigger way to help more people.

You are the powerful creator of your life experience. We often ask ourselves: Who am I? What is my purpose? What are my gifts? Why do I feel blocked from living a positive life? You have the ability to create a life of career fulfillment, joyful relationships, and wellbeing with a sense of inspired purpose. It's a skill that can be learned. I would love to help you do this through Soul Realignment and Life Connection Sessions.

Soul Realignment is an engaging process of reading your soul's information: your gifts, purpose, innate skills, life lessons, and the blocks from both this present and past lifetimes that are standing in the way of your full expression. Knowing your gifts and learning how to put them into action will help you create the life you desire. A basic Life Connection Program consists of a Soul Realignment Reading and three sessions to discuss your information and how to put it into action in your life. If this is enough for you to powerfully move forward, that's great. We can check in every few months to continue clearing the way for what you are creating in your life. However, I feel the real magic comes through working together in an ongoing way. I'm able to perfectly cater the sessions to your personal needs through different readings and techniques.

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If you're interested, contact me and let's talk. We'll discover your needs and how to take safe steps toward achieving them. Looking forward to connecting with you.


Desert Spring

What a beautiful, perfect day for art in the desert! 
Warm sunshine, bare feet on rough red rocks, the scent of sweet desert flowers on the breeze, butterflies playfully fluttering about, happy bird song nearby. 
I love spring in the desert!


Happy Spring Equinox

Happy Spring Equinox! 
What would you like to nourish and give life to? 
I really feel I'm heading into the blooming stage. My caterpillar self has been wrapped snugly in her cocoon and she is about to emerge as the butterfly. I'm looking forward to it with deep joy. 
What is blooming in your life? 
Watercolor and ink art accompanied by fluorite and garnierite.


Growth and Balance

One day you'll look back and see that you were blooming all along!
Watercolor and ink accompanied by ruby and dioptase.

Growth. Sometimes it's a slow process without much evidence. Sometimes it's a rush of flourishing activity. Sometimes it's messy and out of control. Growth is beautiful either way. Your growth will look different from others. However it comes is perfect.
Art accompanied by septarian and calcite.

Balance. Is there really such a thing? We can spend so much time striving for balance while missing the sweet, quiet bits of peace, joy, and centeredness.
Art accompanied by malachite and kyanite.



I've been thinking a lot about compassion lately. About how I desire to feel and show more compassion. 

We as a people are so quick to jump into judgement of ourselves and others. We judge the quiet thoughtful one as stuck up, the passionate one as obnoxious, the bully in need of punishment, the sensual one as shameful, and it goes on. 

We forget that each of these have their own story of pain and grief. Complex stories of success and failure, inspiration and anger, joy and sadness. 

I wish for a more kind and gentle world full of patience and understanding. So I'm starting with consciously replacing judgement with compassion toward myself. ❤


Lunar Eclipse

These are the things I'm contemplating on this full moon, lunar eclipse evening. 
What is emerging through me? 
As I let go of all that is not authentically me, my true self can emerge to shine brightly. 
What are my gifts? What is the wisdom I'm here to share? What authenticity is emerging through me?


Continued Growth

Things are good right now. Life. Relationships. Inner wellbeing. Maybe better than they've ever been.

Last year I trudged through the swamps of my heart and mind. The heaviness was almost crushing. It felt like being trapped in quicksand.

I dug the junk out from under my very foundation to be released or healed.

Finally, the allure of sunlight gently coaxed me out of the swamp. I could see more clearly. I had more energy. I felt centered and at peace. And what was this feeling? Fulfillment? Maybe even joy!

As good as it is, I've been shown there's more junk to release. Ugh!! I don't want to go back into the heavy quicksand swamp.

Going back into the swamp won't be helpful. I'm leaving the quicksand behind.  Instead, a visit to the cleansing waterfalls to wash away the muck of the swamp is what I need.

I was afraid to do anything to rock the boat and take away this peace and joy I've felt.

What if things could get even better! Better than this?? Ok, I'm ready to jump out of the boat and into the waterfall.


We're all in this together.

It's so heartwarming to see such diversity being sworn in for government positions!
May both sides work together efficiently for the care and well-being of our country and ultimately the world! We're all in this together. 

Art accompanied by auralite and brecciated jasper.


What nourishes you?

What nourishes you? 
Sunshine or rain. Tea or mocha. Spring flowers or autumn leaves. Mountains or beaches. Or maybe you receive joy from both and prefer to not choose between two nourishing options. You can have both, you know! Or neither! 
You get to choose and take part in the things that nourish you. 

Art accompanied by citrine and shattuckite.


Be You!

About 5 years ago, I was deeply drawn to celebrating the Celtic New Year, Oct 31, as my own new year, my time to set new intentions for the coming cycle. A few months ago, I took a DNA test and found I have a large percentage of Celtic ancestry which confirmed my intuition.

As 2018 is coming to an end, I'm seeing so many posts about wrapping up the year and beginning anew. I keep feeling like I should be doing something: journaling, setting intentions, or creating ritual of some kind today. Yet I've already done that two months ago.
The peer pressure is strong but my intentions have been set and my rituals have long been performed.
I don't need to give into this nagging mild anxiety that has me feeling like I'm missing out. I can breathe deeply knowing I can be me. I can stay true to where my heart has lead. My authentic truth is all I need.
And it's all you need as well. Be you, whatever you have found that to be! ❤